Whether high-end equipment industry or emerging manufacturing industry, optimizing industrial integration has become an important measure to ensure that enterprises remain invincible in the fierce market competition. Eugene will organize the planning and design ideas from innovation orientation, style intention, appearance design, process combing and core functions.

      Ugean will provide and design project features according to the specific needs of each customer, so as to carry out creative design, architecture, until the realization of all supply chain channels such as hardware modeling integration, and realize the engineering realization of software development and interactive design based on industrial control automation and digitization.


Quality makes classics

Choose RITTAL or other high quality cabinet box
Ensure the strength and thickness of the cabinet box
High level structural parts, seals, door locks, etc.
Excellent paint spray
Three times corrosion resistance

Excellent Assembly Standard, Best Quality
Focus on details, with professional and technical standards, from high quality to high taste, accumulated experiences to improve, make excellent products.
Focus on details, strict in selecting each material, pay attention on well-designed internal structure, each process is under strictly inspection.
Heat Dissipation Design, Stable Performance:
Excellent temperature control cooling system and air conditioning ensure good cooling effect and heat dissipation in the control cabinet.
From top to bottom, to quality
Earth Wire and Neutral Wire, Reliable Distribution
Safe components and systems provide basic products for equipment, people, and automation system.

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