About ugean

        UGEAN was founded in 2007, specializing in industrial equipment and facilities supporting services, which involves in equipment automation, control system, peojects installation and removal, equipment relocation and& adjuastment, and other industrial equipment facilities area.

        Our main business is the expansion of new plant installation for the mechanical and electrical engineering, plant relocation, electrical equipment design, production, commissioning and system optimization, which including provides services from the layout planning, equipment removal, relocation, delivery &loading, mechanical and electrical installation, commission actions and operations of the one-stop service system for all customers.

        We have a quick feedback ability for all our customers with the excellent engineering technology and rich experiencemechanical and electrical equipment engineering and industrial control system.

        Both in the technical and customer service fields, we try to help occupy the market for high-end customers and to provide strong technical supports, thus help customers to focus on their own areas of expertise, try to be the "consultant" and "Dream catcher" in electrical control field of all our respected customers.



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